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Citrine is another type of quartz predominantly found in Brazil . It is found in a range of shades from the palest yellow to brown. Sometimes citrine and amethyst are found together in the same crystal, when this happens it is called ametrine. Citrine is difficult to tell apart from yellow topaz when both have been cut and polished. It can often resemble amber or copal.

Citrine is a beautiful stone much revered by both jewellery makers and jewellery wearers. Here at Beads with a Twist you can be assured of quality citrine beads and quality service.

Citrine is known as the 'merchants stone' and should be placed where business is conducted to promote and retain wealth. It is also thought to be good for self-esteem.

Citrine is the traditional birthstone for November and the aniversay stone along with amethyst for 17 years.